StoryHour was a project started in the fall of 2016 at Middlebury College by Grace Levin '18.5, Asher Brown '17.5, and Emma Hampsten '18.5. 


Throughout the course of a year, we produced a series of podcasts in which we collected stories from students, family, professors, community members, and friends - each episode bringing different voices together around a different theme. Our conversations took us all over the world from learning about the best BBQ in Texas and dance schools in India to feeling heartbreak in South Africa and reflecting on masculinity through college sports in Vermont. Each carefully crafted episode was an exploration into digger deeper, asking questions, listening, and seeing that the experiences that make us unique are also the ones the tie us together.  


StoryHour was originally broadcasted through Middlebury College's radio station, WRMC 91.1 FM. 



all episodes can 

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- Parents -

Interviewer, co-editor, poster designer 

- Food -

Co-producer, interviewer, co-editor, poster designer 

- Masculinity -

Head producer, interviewer, researcher, head editor, poster designer

- Heartbreak -

Interviewer, researcher, co-editor, poster designer 

- Social Media -

Interviewer and researcher 

- Ages and Stages -

Head producer, researcher, interviewer, editor, poster photographer